Ton Eijkemans

For the 30 years now I have been in the making, and so far people that I had the honor to call teachers, colleagues and friends all have contributed to the person I am today. I have gained valuable knowledge in various fields including sales, marketing, IT, and photography which you will learn quality when you look at this online resume below.

As a marketer with an IT and graphic design background, I understand the complicated worlds of websites and visual communication that are essential for a good marketer. I know how to maintain a website and how to optimize everything for the best SEO results, and I know how to design folders, banners and other graphical communication that are needed to communicate with a target audience.

At the age of eight, I got my first compact camera and started with photography which is a hobby I still practice to this day, but my biggest passion is that of motion picture and the art of storytelling. I try to visit the cinema ones every week and I’m currently in the process of writing my first screenplay. Besides all of this my current profession as a marketer also took me to this amazing industry, because currently, I’m fulfilling a fulltime position as a marketing and sales assistant at Galaxy Studios, which is one of the biggest motion picture and music studios in Europe.

Don’t be fooled that after 30 years I’m almost finished, because until the day I die I will continue to develop myself because you are never finished with learning.

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Motion Picture
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Graphic Design
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Work experience

Galaxy Studios Aurotorium dubbing stage
    GALAXY STUDIOS – Marketing and Sales Assistant – 2013/

Galaxy Studios is one of the leading music recording studios and motion picture post-production facilities in Europe. Clients such as Clint Mansell (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream), Trevor Morris (Olympus Has Fallen, Vikings) and Junkie XL ( Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool) came to the studio in Belgium. The company is operated by a small team of professionals and as the current marketing and sales assistant my daily tasks contains a mix of: social media management, website maintenance, public relations, market research, script breakdowns, graphic designer, photographer and financial reporting.

Photography camera lens
    TON EIJKEMANS PHOTOGRAPHY – Freelance Photographer – 2010/2018

For eight years I have been operating as a freelance photographer and I had the honor to see my work published in several renewed magazines including the Dutch business and lifestyle magazine Quote. Also I was able to work as a photographer for the academy of the Efteling amusement park during the presentation of a new entertainment concept. Over the years that I worked as a freelance photographer I notesed that the passion for photography was declining when I worked on projects, and so as of 2018 I quitted with freelance photography and now only practice this art form for myself as a hobby. 

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    TON EIJKEMANS WEB DESIGNS – Freelance Webdesigner – 2018/

I quilted with freelance photography in 2018 and started with freelance web design to try something new and fresh. During the years I have created several personal websites for myself and also maintained several websites as part of my fulltime job as a marketing and sales assistant at Galaxy Studios. When creating or maintaining a website I use my marketing knowledge and optimize the website for SEO (search engine optimization). My first client Bai-Hui Acupunctuur received 8 new customers when the new website was up for one week. 

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Inventarisation Employee
2009 – 2015
Motel Restaurant de Barrier Geldrop A67
Allround employee
2003 – 2012
Atos Origin
IT Service Assistent
2007 – 2008


Marketing and sales on mobile phone with social media
NHTV University of Applied Sciences
International Media and Entertainment Management
Photography Nikon camera
Fotovakschool Venlo
HBO Photography Design
Motion Picture film reel and clapperboard
Open Studio Amsterdam
Orientation Media Production
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ROC Ster College
Pre-vocational Secondary Education
Computer hardware processor on motherboard
ROC Eindhoven
Service Assistant IT
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Varendonck College
Intermediate vocational education – construction

Software Skills

You can be a great photographer, but without a camera you aren’t going to take any pictures. I believe that the same is true when it comes to software packages. You can’t be a digital marketer without the basic knowledge of programs such as Google Analatics, and you also won’t be a great Production Manager if you can’t use a project and resource management program such as Farmerswife.

During my studies and career path I’ve gathered valuable knowledge with a wide variety of software programs that enable me to design, understand and communicate. The learning of these programs never stops because of the continuous development of these software packages and the requirement to adapt to new software programs.

After Effects
Power Point


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Best intern of the year at Galaxy Studios

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1st place photo competition

Best amusement park photo of the year

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1st place Openstudio Film Festival

Best student film of the year

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3th place photo competition

Best amusement park photo of the year


I met Ton Eijkemans during the year I spent working with the management team at Galaxy Studios of Mol, Belgium, where he was employed initially as an intern and then as a junior staffer. Ton impressed me in all respects as diligent, detail-oriented, energetic, and possessed of great integrity. He has my strong recommendation for work related to music marketing, media production, and
audio-related fields.

I managed Ton Eijkemans twice as intern and 9 months as my direct marketing assistant. Every time Ton proved to be an asset in every way. Detailled, fast learning skills, constructive and above all great involvement and love for content making. His dedication to marketing research is impressive. I go to war with him any old time and highly recommend him as marketing generalist in the film & music industry. He would fit any marketing, sales or entertainment business outfit.

Ton Eijkemans has provided valuable marketing research, internal communications and external pr social media for Galaxy Studios: His diligent output consistently displays insight, admirable practical skills and flair.

Ton is een gedreven, enthousiaste en toegewijde collega. Zeer positief ingesteld. Creatief en vindingrijk binnen de job. Een neus voor opportuniteiten en een echte ambassadeur voor het bedrijf. Als collega is hij een fijne vriend met het juiste gevoel voor humor.

I have worked with Ton for well over a year. Besides being a very sociable person, he is excellent at end-of-the-line thinking and comes up with creative and clever suggestions. His work is always accurate and he thrives best in a well structured environment. A pleasure to work with.


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