In 2018 I started with web design for companies and individuals. My knowledge in the fields of marketing, IT and photography is the perfect combination to create websites that don’t only look good, but also perform excellently when it comes to SEO. For every website that I create, I make use of the open source software program WordPress in combination with the very popular Avada theme. To keep track of all the traffic that comes in and out of your website I also provide the set-up of a Google Analytics account and a link to Google Search Console to look at the performance of your website.

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SEO – Search engine optimization

At this moment there are almost 2 billion websites on the world wide web and to stand out of the crowd you need more than only a visually stunning website. The mechanics of your website are equally important because most of your visitors will find your website on search websites such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is where the term SEO (search engine optimization) comes into place. When people search for a certain word that is relevant to your business you want your website to be on top of all the search results, but with the growing amount of websites this is not an easy task.

I’m very happy that you have found my website, and for me, this is the proof that my current SEO tactics are working. I spent a lot of time on this personal website and included a combination of tactics to make this website perform better than others, especially my photography section is performing very well in search engines when people are searching for images.

  • Put focus keywords in headers

  • Make your website HTTPS

  • Name your images

  • Add focus keywords to your text

  • Make your website scalable

  • Add meta descriptions

  • Increase the speed of your website

  • Use alt text and titles for images

  • Use a good domain name

  • Check performance

  • Keep track of news concerning SEO

  • Update your SEO when needed

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WordPress is a free open-source content management system (CMS). It is the most used CMS on the web with almost 75.000.000 websites running on it.  It is ideal for websites that a customer wants to maintain themselves after the web designing process is finished and the website is up and running. With same basic knowladge it is easy to maintain your website and update it with new products, pages or other content. If you want more information regarding WordPress you can visit their website here.

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WordPress comes with a set of free templates that you can use to create a very basic website. I, however, prefer to use the paid theme Avada. The theme looks much more professional than the free themes that are standard installed on WordPress. After creating several websites using Avada I know how the theme works and how to set everything to create a beautiful responsive website. If you want more information regarding the Avada theme by theme fusion you can have a look at their website at here.

Why would you need me?

You don’t need me. You can do it yourself just like I did. But be aware that creating a website can take a lot of time, especially if you have little to no knowledge about creating websites. I actually encourage you to build your own website and learn more about this exciting world of HTML, SEO, Analytics, etc, this is also how I started with building my first website years ago. If you however have no time to do this, or you tried to do it and now are stuck min the prosess send me a message here.

Ton heeft geweldig werk geleverd in de veranderingen van mijn website. Deze bestaat intussen bijna 10 jaar, tot vorig jaar heb ik de site zelf gemaakt met een standaard template van strato. Maar sinds mijn nieuwe site komen veel meer mensen op de site en krijg ik meer nieuwe klanten. Iedereen is erg positief over de site. Ik beveel Ton aan iedereen aan.
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