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Galaxy Studios is one of the leading providers of music recording studios and motion picture post-production services in Europe. Every year they welcome famous national and international artists from the music and motion picture industries to their studio in Mol, Belgium.

Within the walls of Galaxy Studios there was a problem regarding the internal communication of projects. There was a growing demand from personnel to have a better view of the projects agenda and freelance musicians desired more information regarding the projects that they would work on. This is why I came up with the Coming Up! newsletter for both personnel and freelancers.

The newsletter introduced every project that was coming to Galaxy Studios. Personnel and freelancers would receive a specially designed e-mail with all information regarding a project. This way they knew exactly who was visiting the studio and what they needed to expect from the project.

The reactions from everyone were very positive, especially from the freelance musicians from Brussels Philharmonic that now finally knew beforehand what kind of movie it was they would provide with a score. They started to actively share the newsletter on their social media profiles, which in return granted Galaxy Studios extra brand awareness.