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Despite being told by doctors that he would never be able to make proper use of his sight, Ton refused to give up. Later, teachers told him that he couldn’t write due to his dyslexia, but he didn’t let that discourage him. Through hard work and perseverance, Ton has proven them all wrong.

In his early days, Ton Eijkemans pursued a career in information technology. With a clear understanding of how to assemble all kinds of things, computers held few secrets for him. But as his passion for photography grew, he switched tracks to pursue a career in graphic design, photography, and motion picture. His creative work has been published in various newspapers and magazines, and he has won several awards for his photography and short films. Eventually, Ton found the perfect match between his IT skills and his creativity in the field of marketing. Marketing requires both strong (visual) communication skills and expertise in the digital realm, and Ton has a clear understanding of both.

In addition to his career as a marketeer and hobby photographer, Ton is also active as a screenwriter. Having read numerous screenplays for studio validation and with weekly visits to the cinema, Ton has developed a deep understanding of story structure and dramatic conflict. Currently, he has written two features, several shorts, a comic book, and a children’s book. More work is on the way as he continues to write every single day.

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Within stage productions, there is a term called ‘breaking the 4th wall’. It means that an actor breaks the imaginary wall that stands in between him and his audience and that separates the world on the stage from the world inside of the theatre. Marketing is just like breaking the 4th wall.

Connecting with an audience can be a challenging task, as different groups respond to different approaches. Before I create any content, I prioritize understanding the people I want to reach. Drawing upon my IT knowledge and market research experience, I work to develop a clear image of the target group and their preferences, interests, and needs. By leveraging this understanding, I am able to craft content that speaks directly to my audience and connects with them on a deeper level. Whether it’s through website copy, social media posts, or marketing campaigns, my goal is always to engage in a way that inspires action and drives meaningful results.


Design is not just about making things look good, but also understanding how they can affect people psychologically. As a designer, I’m fascinated by how colors and shapes can make us feel, and how words can make us curious or motivated. I use this knowledge to create designs that really connect with the audience and leave a strong impression. My main aim is to stand out and deliver a message in a way that’s both unique and compelling, cutting through the clutter to get to the essence of what I want to communicate.


Stage actors can easily see the audience’s reaction on stage, but in marketing, it’s not always that straightforward. However, there are various tools that can effectively help in understanding the response of your target audience. The crucial part is to be able to interpret data, and this is where I specialize. I can convert this intricate information into a simple format that is easily understandable for everyone, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategies

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A fictional story is a lie. It’s an exaggeration of real life, cut into the most interesting parts and told in a way that has the strongest emotional impact on you, the reader. But these combined lies that make a good story often tell a form of the truth that can’t be explained with only words, It’s a truth that needs to be felt.

Have you ever had a great idea for a story, but struggled to put it down on paper? You’re not the only one. About 99% percent of stories will never see the light of day. Writing is an art form that requires dedication and perseverance. While it may sound easy, I can assure you from personal experience that it is anything but. Writing is an adventure filled with challenges.

When I wrote my first screenplay, ‘Scary‘, it took me over two years to complete. It was a challenging journey, but looking back, it was also an insightful period. It ignited a passion within me to continue writing, and since then, I have written several screenplays, a children’s book, and two comics. Some of these stories have ranked high in international competitions, and Scary was even featured on the prestigious Red List.

Writing is something that I truly enjoy, and having received various valuable feedback from people that stated that I have “a knack for it“, it’s something that I hopefully can do for the rest of my life.

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The new PC you purchased yesterday is already outdated today. It’s fascinating to see the power of these machines and even more staggering to see how they have changed our way of life over the past few decades. Nobody can get around these devices anymore, and if you miss out on this rapidly evolving technology, you will miss out on the future.

There are over 1.7 billion websites on the internet, so how did you land on this specific one? Well, that’s due to my marketing knowledge and IT expertise. A website needs to work across all sorts of devices, and everything needs to be optimized so that search engines can find it. Everything to stay ahead of all those other 1.7 billion websites.


First, restart your computer; it will solve 9 out of 10 problems, I promise. If this doesn’t work for you, use Google to find the problem you encountered. Maybe you think you are the only one with this specific problem, but I can guarantee you’re not. Still can’t fix it? Contact me, and with my experience, I will fix your problem.


Did you know that there are over 170,000 possible combinations to pimp up your coffee at the local Starbucks? So why choose a computer that only has one flavor? By assembling your own PC, you have endless possibilities, and putting one together isn’t as hard as it looks; I did it several times already.

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Former Vice-President Music Production Walt Disney Pictures

I met Ton Eijkemans during the year I spent working with the management team at Galaxy Studios of Mol, Belgium, where he was employed initially as an intern and then as a junior staffer. Ton impressed me in all respects as diligent, detail-oriented, energetic, and possessed of great integrity. He has my strong recommendation for work related to music marketing, media production, and audio-related fields.

Production Manager Fremantlemedia Belgium

I have worked with Ton for well over a year. Besides being a very sociable person, he is excellent at end-of-the-line thinking and comes up with creative and clever suggestions. His work is always accurate and he thrives best in a well structured environment. A pleasure to work with.

Executive Deep Bridge Entertainment

I managed Ton Eijkemans twice as intern and 9 months as my direct marketing assistant. Every time Ton proved to be an asset in every way. Detailled, fast learning skills, constructive and above all great involvement and love for content making. His dedication to marketing research is impressive. I go to war with him any old time and highly recommend him as marketing generalist in the film & music industry. He would fit any marketing, sales or entertainment business outfit.