Short   |   Drama  |   31 pages



31 pages


Short   |   Drama  |   31 pages

Be wary of Mr. Wolf, for dressed in sheep’s clothing, he will enter your cozy homes and peaceful lives, huffing and puffing it all away.

‘Mr. Wolf’ reimagines the classic tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ weaving together the lives of three families from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, all intersecting with the ambitious and cunning Mr. Wolf.

In a dilapidated neighborhood, the Low family struggles to survive, their modest home emblematic of the fragility of lower-income households. When Mr. Wolf, disguised as a desperate stranger, enters their lives seeking aid, their act of kindness unwittingly sets off a chain of events leading to their downfall.

Marylou and Benjamin, owners of the charming Bed & Breakfast ‘Our Little Castle,’ find themselves in the spring of their lives. Their establishment, a beacon of hope amidst life’s struggles, becomes the next target for Mr. Wolf’s opportunism. With smooth words and false promises, he insinuates himself into their lives, ultimately transforming their perfect dream into a nightmare.

Across the divide of wealth and privilege resides Johnny Brain Warner, a renowned actor and musician, ensconced in his grand mansion. Symbolizing the pinnacle of success and excess, his lavish lifestyle becomes a tantalizing prize for Mr. Wolf’s insatiable appetite.

But it still isn’t enough to satisfy Mr. Wolf…

Through its characters’ intersecting fates, ‘Mr. Wolf’ explores themes of social inequality, the allure of ambition, and the perils of unchecked greed, serving as a cautionary tale in a world where self-serving agendas often reign supreme.

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Ton Eijkemans

Ton Eijkemans