Feature   |   Animation   |   133 pages



133 pages


Feature   |   Animation   |   133 pages

In a polluted village dominated by a profit-driven industrial giant, a depressed inventor and the CEO’s isolated daughter form an unlikely friendship. Together, they challenge a world trapped in its own destructive behavior, fighting for change.

Orphaned by ‘the cough,’ inventor Timothy is left with a collection of inventions gathering dust and rust. His only companion is RODO, a small robotic dog—the sole working invention in his possession.

When he loses his job at the Cheap Factory and accidentally damages Rodo during a mishap at work, his world unravels. To make matters worse, GRANDY, the slumlord, pressures Timothy to pay long-overdue rent.

In search of a gear to repair Rodo, Timothy ventures into the scrapyard, where he crosses paths with Nancy, the confident and arrogant daughter of Cheap Incorporated’s CEO. She has the gear he needs to fix Rodo but desires a robotic dog for herself. They strike a deal: she provides the gear in return for her very own robotic dog.

Nancy quickly realizes Timothy’s lack of mechanical skills and challenges him to build her ‘her dog’ or face losing Rodo. As Nancy’s bossiness drives him forward, he encourages her to be a more likable person because friendship works two ways.

Meanwhile, the village of Smog faces a looming crisis as the Cheap Factory’s machines falter, revenues plummet, and shareholders demand mass layoffs. But Cedric, the CEO, has a different plan: introduce new products to save everyone’s jobs.

Timothy eventually succeeds in building Nancy’s own robotic dog, SKY, gaining confidence through their companionship. However, the idyllic moment is short-lived.

After a commercial break promoting more Cheap Incorporated products, disaster strikes. Nancy discovers that Timothy is evicted from his store, a broken promise. Cedric’s plan to impress the board with new inventions fails until Sky, not designed for profit, wows the investors. Cedric makes an impossible choice, taking Sky apart for commercial gains to save jobs.

Heartbroken, Nancy rejects her parents and retrieves Sky’s remnants. Timothy initially refuses to fix Sky, but, with Rodo’s encouragement, he changes his mind.

As they work to repair Sky, they realize a vital part is missing—the Soul Gear. Returning to the Cheap Factory, they discover an army of mass-produced ‘Robodogs’ without a soul or heart. The Soul-Gear of Sky has been used inside the Pro-Robodog, a giant version of the normal Robodog. As Cedric activates the Pro-Robodog in a demonstration, chaos erupts as the Robodogs wreak havoc, threatening to take over the world.

Timothy and Nancy unite to stop the Pro-Robodog and his army, leading to the destruction of the Cheap Factory. The village faces an uncertain future, but Timothy and Nancy inspire hope, ushering in new possibilities with a new day.

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Ton Eijkemans

Ton Eijkemans

Kevin Munters

Mark Penson

Adam Crick