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Are you curious about what goes on behind the curtains of one of Tilburg’s most magical events? Then read along as I peek back and share my role in bringing ‘Fantastic Reads (and Where to Find them)’, the biggest and first fantasy-event of North-Brabant to life.

As an integral part of the organizing team, my passion for storytelling and creativity found a perfect outlet in the realm of Fantastic Reads. My journey began with taking charge of the event’s marketing efforts. From crafting compelling messaging to strategically placing advertisements, I embarked on a mission to spread the word far and wide about this enchanting gathering of book lovers and storytellers.

But my involvement didn’t end there. Seeking to infuse our promotional materials with a touch of fantasy, I orchestrated a captivating photoshoot. Armed with my camera and fueled by imagination, I captured images that would transport viewers to the world of Fantastic Reads. These photographs became the cornerstone of our promotional campaign, adorning billboards across Tilburg and sparking the curiosity of passersby everywhere in the city.

During the event itself, I seamlessly transitioned from marketer to documentarian, capturing the essence of Fantastic Reads through my camera. From candid moments between authors and readers to the captivating performances by talented musicians, my photographs served as windows into the enchanting atmosphere of the event that were shared into several newspapers and on several websites.

As we prepare for the next chapter of Fantastic Reads, I invite you to join us again in November in the city of Tilburg where we’ll once again come together to celebrate the magic of storytelling.