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‘Hey little brother, can you make me a logo and business cards for my new company?’ ‘Sure sis’.

My sister started her own physiotherapy company and needed a logo and business cards for her new business. She asked me to do it for her, and I, as being the best brother in the world, replied to her call for help.

The logo is a combination of the letters C. (initial), E. (last name) and F. (fysiotherapie, Dutch for physiotherapy). I used the colours white and blue, because white is a sterile colour, which is expected in this line of business, and blue is a colour that conveys trust. I made use of a playful font because my sister specializes in physiotherapy for children.

The business of my sister is flourishing, mostly because of her dedication, and maybe a little bit because of the design of her business cards.


Logo Design:

Business Cards:

Fysiotherapie C. Eijkemans