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Galaxy Studios is a prominent provider of music recording studios and motion picture post-production services in Europe. Each year, they welcome renowned national and international artists from the music and motion picture industries at their studio complex located in Mol, Belgium.

The management team of Galaxy Studios sought a distinctive corporate gift to present to their clients. The gift had to commemorate the end of an inspiring time at the studio and needed to be memorable to ensure clients wouldn’t forget the company.

The perfect idea presented itself when news emerged that Belgium’s beer culture would be added to the UNESCO cultural heritage list. As Galaxy Studios had its own bar within the facility, the idea of a specially designed studio beer was proposed by me to the managers of the company.

Various breweries within the region were contacted, and after collecting several samples for the management to taste, a special beer brewed by Brewery Pirlot in Zandhoven, Belgium was selected.

In addition to overseeing the brewing process, I was responsible for designing the label for this special beer. The label needed to capture both music and motion picture elements while also displaying Belgium’s culture. The colors of the Belgium flag were used. A music staff and a motion picture film negative were added to encompass everything the studio stood for, resulting in a design that pleased the management team.

The Galaxy Beer has since become immensely popular, with clients requesting it during their visits to Galaxy Studios and posting pictures of it on social media. Some clients even asked for the possibility to brew their beer via Galaxy Studios. The project was the very first special studio beer on the market, and other music studios worldwide have since followed suit, which is a great compliment as the initiator of this project.



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