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Galaxy Studios is a well-known name in the music and motion picture industries, and their studio complex in Mol, Belgium, is a go-to destination for renowned artists from all over the world. However, even with all its fame, one of the most significant rooms within the facility, the Galaxy Hall, remained somewhat of a mystery. Despite being used by many famous artists such as Rammstein, Scorpians, Clint Mansell, and Ilse DeLange, there was no clear recognition or identification of where this near-perfect recording studio was located.

As a passionate advocate of the studio’s brand and recognition, I decided to take matters into my own hands and convinced the management to give me a small budget to raise awareness about Galaxy Studios. I wanted to create something that would instantly showcase the studio’s location, and thus came up with the idea of a huge banner for the Galaxy Hall.

The banner had to be big, and there was only one wall large enough to display it prominently within almost every picture that was shot in the room. Unfortunately, this wall also contained the air ventilation system, which couldn’t be blocked for obvious reasons. So, I came up with the idea of using a giant flag instead of a solid material for the banner.

I quickly started the designing process and incorporated the logos of all the companies within the Galaxy Studios Group. However, finding a way to print a custom flag of ten meters in length was not an easy task. After some research, I finally found a company that could do it, and within two weeks, the flag arrived at the studio complex.

The flag has been displayed in numerous news fragments and various music clips that were shot within the Galaxy Hall, providing recognition and boosting the awareness of Galaxy Studios tremendously.