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Galaxy Studios is one of the leading providers of music recording studios and motion picture post-production services in Europe. Every year they welcome famous national and international artists from the music and motion picture industries to their studio in Mol, Belgium.

Galaxy Studios had been using the same folder for almost 8 years and because the company had grown their services to motion picture production and DVD/Blu Ray authoring it was time for an update.

The management of the studio didn’t want to change the original design of 8 years ago, and so it was my task to find a creative way to implement the new information in a design that was already created a long time ago.

Within the archives of the studio, there wasn’t any trace from the original Indesign files, and so I started to rebuild everything from scratch while also implementing the new information that needed to be added. Because the old folder was only available in print form, I decided to make both an RGB and CMYK version of the new folder so that it could be distributed in both print and digital form. I also added hyperlinks to the digital version to make it easier for people to find more information about a topic on the website of Galaxy Studios.

The result was a beautiful folder that hopefully will last another 8 years before it needs to be updated.


Folder Design:

Toon van Wemmel / Ton Eijkemans