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Galaxy Studios Group is one of the leading providers of music recording studios and motion picture post-production services in Europe and offers financing possibilities for motion picture and stage productions via the Belgium Tax Shelter system.

Besides offering the facilities of Galaxy Studios for the creation of world-class art, the management team investigated the possibility to rent out this unique location for tours, events and conferences. They saw a chance to fill in the gaps that fell between music recording sessions and sought a way to reach out to a large group of businesses around the studio. I knew that Galaxy Studios’ sister company Mollywood had a large network of Belgium based businesses. The key figures from these cooperations already visited Galaxy Studios on a regular basis during specially organized events, and here I saw a possibility to reach out to this normally hard to reach group of managers and company owners.

I designed a new folder from scratch that both embodied the warm feeling of socializing and showed the possibilities of the unique Galaxy Studios facility. I did this by using a lot of photographs of previous events mixed with pictures of this unique location.

When we distributed the folders during the next Mollywood events it created a buzz of positive word of mouth marketing within all the companies that were invited and Galaxy Studios has seen a steady increase in requests for tours and events ever since.



Folder Design: