Short   |   Comedy/Drama  |   21 pages



21 pages


Short   |   Animation/Comedy/Drama  |   21 pages

When a young woman starts her new job at a spelling and grammar correction agency, she discovers that there is more to words than just the way they are written.

In the vast and monotonous office space of GrammarCorrectly, Amy, a young woman with a vibrant spirit, starts her job in the email department alongside her colleague Andrew. Amy possesses a unique talent for infusing messages with warmth and friendliness, believing that communication should extend beyond mere rules of spelling and grammar. However, her unorthodox approach puts her at odds with the rest of the company, who all insist on strict adherence to grammar rules.

As Amy navigates her first day at work, she finds herself stifled by the rigid structure of the company. Despite her efforts to bring friendliness and approachability to the emails, her colleague Andrew insists on sticking to grammar and spelling rules only.

By accident, Amy discovers a bug in the email system that allows her to recall and rewrite messages before they are sent. A wave of curiosity and excitement washes over her, and she decides to use this newfound power to make the emails more engaging and empathetic.

However, all is not well as Amy’s unconventional practices eventually catch the eye of her manager. He discovers Amy’s secret and is furious about her defiance of the company’s rules. Despite her explanations and the praise she received from a customer, the manager remains unyielding and decides to terminate her employment and labels her an ‘F’ – a failure – that will never be hired elsewhere.

But will she? Or does the world understand that there is more to words than only the grammar and spelling rules that apply to them?

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Ton Eijkemans

Ton Eijkemans

Ton Eijkemans

Mark Penson