Children’s Book   |   20 pages

Jester is a story about a young girl named Chloé who wants to be treated as a princess. She is really excited, because today is her birthday. For this day she waited for months. This is the day that she will finally get her pair of princess shoes. However, the package of her present does not look like it is containing high heels…

Jester was a school project that I created with an amazing group of peers during my study Media and Entertainment Management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. The assignment was to create a children’s book that needed to contain a valuable lesson about life. It needed to be written, illustrated and printed within six weeks.

We settled to create a story that was loosely based on the popular Coraline book from author Neil Gaiman that tells the story of a young girl that is trapped in a boring life and travels to a perfect world that in the end turns out to be a nightmare.

Jester tells the story of Chloé, that lives a boring life and dreams of becoming a princess. When she gets a stupid jester doll from her parents for her birthday she gets upset because she wanted a pair of princess shoes. When she falls asleep that night the Jester doll takes her onto a journey that shows her how perfect the life of a princess is, or isn’t it?…


Adam Crick

Baran Duman

Kimberley Descamps

Lisa Dijkman

Ton Eijkemans