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Mollywood is an intermediate for Tax Shelter investments in Belgium that allows corporations to invest in audiovisual works while benefiting from tax reductions on their initial investment.

While Mollywood has primarily focused on sales activities towards investors, they recognized a growing demand to attract more motion picture production companies. Additionally, the company has expanded its services to include investments in stage productions, creating the perfect opportunity for a new house style that is open and friendly towards the outside world.

The old house style relied heavily on text to describe Mollywood’s services. To make the information more accessible and engaging, I incorporated various symbols and graphics that quickly conveyed the services and trustworthiness of Mollywood. By using white and round shapes, I aimed to create a friendly and open design that reflects the company’s small and approachable culture.

The new website, which I designed in conjunction with new flyers, will launch later this year. The new house style, combined with better SEO optimization and responsive web design, is sure to make a positive impact and attract more clients to the company.


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Ton Eijkemans

Ton Eijkemans

Toon van Wemmel / Kevin Munters