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Mollywood is a Tax Shelter intermediate that offers Belgium based corporations a way to invest in audiovisual works while gaining an interesting tax reduction on their investment via the Belgium Tax Shelter system.

After being hired by Galaxy Studios to manage their marketing department I discovered a big problem with the website of their subsidiary Mollywood. The website didn’t accommodate a scalable design and was operating on an outdated CMS. Updating the CMS caused the website to crash, and so I took the initiative to design a completely new website from the ground up.

One of the most important improvements of the new website was to incorporate a scalable design to make it better accessible on mobile devices. I designed the new website with this in mind and made all the necessary adjustments to the design to make sure that they would provide a pleasant experience on both large and small screens. A big bonus to this was that it also greatly improved the SEO results of the website.

The information supplied on the old website was mainly provided in the form of text. On the new website, I wanted to provide the necessary information in a visual way that made it instantly clear what the company did and what the proposition was. The text was still included to clear out the details and provide better SEO results, but the new website was able to provide the necessary information much more rapidly resulting in more requests for the sales department of Mollywood.

To top it all off I build the new website on an existing template that offers lifelong support in the form of free updates. I implemented extra security measures by adding 2-step authentification making the website even more secure. A huge improvement over the outdated website from the past.


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